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单位名称Nora Design Tutor
联系人 Nora
Hi 大家好!

我是Nora, 我专门辅导在澳洲uni或是college 学习设计的学生。我的专业领域是视觉传达(Visual Communication) 如:图片和网站设计。 但同时也教会了来自不同背景的学生,包括建筑,室内设计,时尚及美术。





教学设计软件(如Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop,InDesign和Sketch)




WeChat ID:nora_tutor



“我是12年级 Nora 的学生之一,通过她的辅导和指导,在高中毕业生中取得了很好的成绩。Nora是非常好的,热情和耐心地对待学生。她仔细听,特别是她的ESL学生,确保她了解他们所需要做的事情。她在我的HSC中作为导师非常有价值,现在我已经通过我在悉尼大学学习的建筑学院的导师了!”- Jiaxin

“当我在12年级时,我发现 Nora,在她成为我的设计和技术导师后的几个月里,我已经有了很大的进步。原来我已经低于50%(挂科了),但现在我的成绩已经提高到86%,因此我从班里的底层到顶端。她的教学是有效的,但最重要的是她是非常专业和关心的。作为海外学生,她帮助我很多,纠正我的语法和拼写我的评估和主要工作。我们用英语进行课程,这帮助我改善了很多英语口语和写作的信心。我非常感谢她帮助我的所有人!“ - Crystal



My name is Nora and I specialise in tutoring international students who are studying design in Australia at university and college levels. My field of expertise is Visual Communication (graphic and website design), however have also taught students from a range of backgrounds including architecture, interior design, fashion design and fine arts.

I am a native English speaker, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Coming from an Asian background, I understand it can be tough studying in another country that do not speak your first language. That is why I am passionate about helping international students with their studies. I am extremely patient, friendly and dedicated in helping each of my students achieve their best.

A little bit about myself, I graduated my HSC in 2011 with an ATAR of 96.2. I then went on to study a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney and graduated my degree in 2014. Throughout my studies I have continually supported a number of international and local students with my tutoring services, so I have many years experience.

What I assist my students with are limitless, but the main things I do are:

Design conceptualisation, generating ideas and design thinking

Teaching design software (eg. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Sketch)

Grammar and vocabulary editing (eg. essays, assessments and providing feedback)

Providing support and assistance with assessments (eg. brainstorming ideas, research, editing, etc.)

If you would like to contact me to find out more, please contact me (in English) through one of the details below:

WeChat ID: nora_tutor


Testimonials from current international students:

“I was one of Nora’s students in Year 12 and through her counselling and guidance, I achieved excellent results in the HSC. Nora is very nice and treats her students with enthusiasm and patience. She listens carefully, especially to her ESL students, ensuring she understands what they need in order to do well. She was so valuable as a tutor in my HSC that I now have her tutor me through my architecture degree where I am studying at the University of Sydney!” - Jiaxin

“I found Nora when I was in year 12, and in the months since she’s been my Design & Technology tutor I have improved a lot. Originally I was getting under 50% (and failing), but now my marks have increased to 86%, leading me from the bottom to the top of my class. Her teaching is effective, but most importantly she is very professional and caring. As an overseas student, she helps me a lot with correcting my grammar and spelling in my assessments and major work. With our lessons conducted in English, it has helped me improve a lot with my confidence in speaking and writing in English too. I really appreciate all she has helped me with!” - Crystal

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